iFreeCell HD Classic - Freecell solitaire App Reviews

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Great game!!

I play this daily and love it. I give it 5 STARS!!!!

Love the size!

I love the size and colors....easy to see without my glasses. The action is basic and fast. Love it!

Free cell

I agree with all the comments made.

Fun but sometimes frustrating

I agree with others that the column move feature doesn't always seem to calculate correctly. Also, the rules file could use a bit more explanation in a couple areas for those who are novices. Generally, though, makes you think strategically and the layout is easy to see.

Solitaire free cells

I love playing this game it is a great mind tickler! I do have a problem though sometimes one doing valid moves the cards just keep jumping back to my previous move. Can you explain why this is happening and what I can do to stop it thanks.

Second rate

The game plays well but the delay from touch to move is quite long. Also when the auto play mode kicks in, it does not take cards from the holding area to the final stacks. Last, the column move feature does not maximize the move size. Moving 4 cards through one hole and one upper slot is not performed and must be done manually.


Excellent game.

Fun but....

Not bad at all but would like it to automatically finish game once you get things aligned

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